New Client Information

Thank you for your interest in a session with Off Leash Photography, we created this page to tell you more about everthing. Please do not hesitate to call or email with your questions.


It is easier to say what we do not do..if you want the portrait of your dog on the blue probably will not enjoy our services.. Angie likes to get dirty and run wild on the beaches and in the fields snapping away. But we do occasionally run portrait sessions at friendly stores or during the fundraisers, so if you looking for it make sure you like us on the Facebook to get the scoop!

What we strive for in Off Leash sessions is to show your companion (the dog) being him (herself), digging  holes, running around or resting comfortably on their favorite sofa.  No two dogs are the same. They also come with different humans who have their distinct needs and wants; in order to accommodate all of these things we are going to ask a lot of questions. We will want to find out what is the best for you and your pet before we proceed with the session. The most important is that you as a client are extremely satisfied with our service and products. There are no wrong questions, please if you need any clarification just ask.

Custom photography is designed to fuse your desires with the artistic flare and technical knowledge of  the photographer. It is important for us to know if we are shooting for a canvas or a book as we can apply different techniques for each unique purpose.  Photography is an art, it is an interpretation of reality; it is placing the subject in perspective and stopping time forever. We create by using the colors and shapes, the lights and shadows, the movements and angles in the end producing the final image – a piece of art, in this case your dog.

We truly hope you love it for years to come!


You can count on having lots of fun and possibly getting very dirty, you will be involved in the shoot either in front of the lens (smile!) or working with your dog throwing balls etc. I can sometimes get caught up in the moment and forget my manners, however I never get frustrated with the dogs. Even though I joke a lot and love sarcasm (European background is my excuse!) I take my job very seriously and I prepare for each and every shoot and I work tirelessly to achieve the goals we have set prior to the session. Here is what takes place

When you book and pay your deposit I will send you a bunch of questions. After I receive your answers we will set up the time and place for our session, we may have to chat a bit over the phone prior to the meeting. Then you will receive final confirmation email with your contract and release.

During the session I will expect you to be an active participant, you might not want to be photographed yourself, but I will engage you from time to time. Sometimes I will just work with your dog on my own and may ask you to relax.

After the session I will edit your images and post them for you in a web album that can be viewed and shared. Then you will try to figure out how to narrow down the list of the ones you love .


Custom and commercial sessions priced on case by case basis. Please contact for a quote.


We are happy to create personal package for you.



Not really good at sitting…or other commands? No problem!

The majority of dogs I photograph are not trained, they do not sit still and pose, so please do not get frustrated by your furry friend! This is why you have me! I am patient and have my ways to get what I want, I guarantee you will be surprised by the end result.

My goal is to capture your dogs personality not his (her) posing abilities. I know how to utilize the background, the light and how to compose the shot worthy of your wall space. Leave this to me and let you dog relax and have fun.

Not good off leash? We have a solution for that!

Not all dogs are good with coming back when called, sometimes for their own safety we cannot allow them off leash, please do not think this is a problem. Thousands of my photographs had leashes in them, however I have taken them out in the Photoshop later. I would never put your pet in danger!

Scared of the camera, turns away from the camera, moves too much..

These are  common problems the owners encounter, not every dog is a poser and many times they do not feel comfortable when your face is covered by the camera. Well again, not an issue for me! There is no dog impossible to photograph. Sometimes it might take a bit longer to get that perfect shot, but I do not give up!



Well that might be the problem, especially if directed to humans, but I do have telephoto lenses that allow me to photograph from a distance when necessary. If your dog has issues with other K9 we can choose a location that will allow us no contact with other animals.

Post session

It has been recorded that in some cases Off Leash Photography clients (K9) developed a Hollywood syndrome, demanding more attention from their humans, becoming a bit fussy about other dog companions and growing their head up by a size or two.  It is a temporary condition, no treatment needed.



Your session fee includes: time and talent of the photographer, equipment, travel time, shooting, treats and lots of kisses for your dog, editing time, posting time, processing time, your on line gallery and  a post session consultation.

Most albums (on line gallery created for you to view all the images form the session and to make your choices on what would you like to order) will have 30- 45  ( 10 photos for Mini Session) fully edited photos to choose from, the number of images differs from one case to another. The albums will be posted within ten days from the session day and will be available for viewing for the next 10 days. After its expiry date the album can be re-posted for additional charge.

All products are extra unless specified in your package.


With the regular sessions all the photographs are for personal use only, no commercial use is permitted.

All parties are required to sign a contract and provide release for the images prior to the photo session.

Angie can be contacted at 604-618-2236 or via email


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