Hello, my name is Angie Wojciechowska, as you can figure out just from my last name (almost the whole alphabet fits in it!) English is not my native tongue. This is a little disclaimer, so you can cut my some slack for my grammar and syntax. I will try to publish as little text as I can, so please enjoy the photography and forgive me for the rest.

I am an owner and operator of Off Leash Photography, I specialize in pet photography. I work mostly in Metro Vancouver Area, but have been known to venture out to Chilliwack to photograph horses. My favourite spot to photograph dogs in Vancouver is the Spanish Bank, it has a beach, ocean and the forest. Most of my clients are dogs, but do not be surprised if you see here cat, horse or a lizard on occasion. I believe in photography based in natural settings and where the animal is relaxed. My favorite kind of pet photography is action and candid shots. I try to do my best to show the real character of the animal that I am photographing.

I am determined to get the shots that clients want and I truly love what I am doing. If you would like to have your dog, cat, parrot or any other kind of pet photographed by me drop me a line or call me.

I hope you enjoy looking at my photographs, please remember these are for viewing only and copyrighted.

Please feel free to leave comments.

Thank you,  Angie Wojciechowska 604.618.2236

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This you can find on the official website:

Photographer Angie Wojciechowska loves working with dogs, she finds it challenging and rewarding. In facts she loves her four legged friends so much that she created Off Leash Photography that solely focuses on pets.

She learned to photograph while working as a journalist in Poland; illustrating her stories with her own pictures became her passion. Upon moving to Canada Angie gave up her creative career and submerged herself into a corporate world.

In 2007 Angie decided to come back to what she loves the most: photography and animals. Angie took her business seriously and went back to learn new things at Focal Point Visual Arts Learning Center.

She also was the attendee at first Pet Photography (Sept 2008) workshop created by Cowbelly Photography in Seattle WA, where she learned the “pet photography business” from Jamie Pflughoeft.

Angie is constantly upgrading her skills via workshops, classes and seminars.

She also received personal one on one training from an award winning pet photographer Bev Hollis, who remains Angie’s close mentor, critic and friend.

Angie not only welcomes commercial assignments, but also caters to individual dog owners and their pets. You can find her work in Modern Dog Magazine, RC Pet Catalogs, Canine Friendly Catalogs, Canine Equipment Catalogs,various books, calendars, magazines, newspapers, print ads and so on.


On a personal note Angie is a mom to a little human boy and French Bulldog Boston Terrier cross Mischa.


“For most people photography is about keeping records of events, but I believe that is should be about the expression and communication. It should be evoking emotions and excitement. When I work with dogs and their owners anything can happen. I love unpredictable nature of animals and the lack of control that goes with it. I am there in the moment to catch it, compose it, interpret it”

“Photographing dogs unleashes my creativity, I am amazed that every time; every session is so different from the next”

“I try to learn as much as I can about the dog before and during the session. I try to understand much as I can of his/her nature, so I can be able to provide the owner with a true representation of their dog, not a “plastic” portrait. I want the owners to have something they would like to print on cavass and hang in the living room”

“I am extremely lucky to do what I love. Animals and photography are my true passions”


Angie Wojciechowska

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