Off Leash Photography for Dogs!… and cats… and you!


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What we strive for in Off Leash sessions is to show your companion (the dog) being him (herself), digging  holes, running around or resting comfortably on their favorite sofa.  No two dogs are the same. They also come with different humans who have their distinct needs and wants; in order to accommodate all of these things we are going to ask a lot of questions. We will want to find out what is the best for you and your pet before we proceed with the session. The most important is that you as a client are extremely satisfied with our service and products. There are no wrong questions, please if you need any clarification just ask.

Custom photography is designed to fuse your desires with the artistic flare and technical knowledge of  the photographer. It is important for us to know if we are shooting for a canvas or a book as we can apply different techniques for each unique purpose.  Photography is an art, it is an interpretation of reality; it is placing the subject in perspective and stopping time forever. We create by using the colors and shapes, the lights and shadows, the movements and angles in the end producing the final image – a piece of art, in this case your dog.

We truly hope you love it for years to come!


With the regular sessions all the photographs are for personal use only, no commercial use is permitted.

All parties are required to sign a contract and provide release for the images prior to the photo session.

Angie can be contacted at 604-618-2236 or via email

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