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so it turns out not everyone is on the Facebook…I have not been so good with the blog lately as FB kind of took over with the short updates and sneak peeks from the sessions. I know more people subscribe to my blog than the Facebook Page, so I have decided to make sure I will share here too.

This spring I was asked to appear in two different productions, fun! The first one was to be interviewed by a Telus TV ( The network mostly popular in BC and Alberta) for their segment on Pet Photography by talented Mia Jagpal. Mia and Peter (the camera man) came down to Kits Beach for the Lilly session, you have seen on my blog previously. They asked me a few questions and watched me work.

I wanted to thank Lisa, Lilly’s owner for being a good sport, she even answered few questions herself ( on the camera), but it did not make the final cut..well limited time, what can we do. But I am tell you she was talking all about Lilly and how she is the first baby in the family. I am disappointed a bit that she did not make it into a program, especially that she was saying nice things about me ;).

Here it is project 1, Telus Tv :


Well, if you did not have enough there is one more old video of me, here:

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