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Lennox is a 8 week old puppy that got his first professional dog photo shoot with Off leash Photography at his Vancouver home just before Christmas.

I have decided to catch up on my blogging and I will ad here and there a session from 2013 (the year that I neglected my blog entirely ).

Lennox is a new brother to Lucy , who I photographed in March 2012. Her mom decided that Lucy needed a companion and got her a little brother.

I will be seeing Lennox grow up as his mommy got him a puppy package that includes three sessions in first year of his life. So let’s get started!

For the first image: size comparison between Lucy and Lennox…. I cannot wait to see how this will change in the next two sessions!

lucy_lennoxPuppies are never easy to photograph, their attention span is about 0.7 sec and then they move on to something else. It was quite a challenge to keep Lennox engaged at all times.

One of the ways is to get his focus was to give him something to chew..

aweblennox-7707I tried to keep him is one spot event for 2 sec… you have no idea how fast he was out of this basket.. lol

a-double aweblennox-7863t




And when you tire out the puppy……. its gets easier to photograph him. Sweet dreams… aweblennox-8048-pp aweblennox-8034-pp

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