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Amber and Surfer are family dogs and you will see what I meant later in the post.. We met on a Tawassen Beach, you can barely see Mount Baker in the background of the first photo.

Great place to hang out in the late afternoon on a hot day at the end of summer.

Meet Surfer Typical Duck Toller Retriever, crazy and so  much fun!


Surfer is a very good buddy of a special boy named Justin and he know he can be himself in his company.

So typical of the Toller to scream his head off.

Here is Amber, she is old and has some problems walking, but still made in to the session.

We did not get too many shots of her as she preferred to be hidden in the shade with her favorite companion Tia. When Tia was born Amber was a younger dog and she took care of baby Tia. Now the table have turned and Tia spends some quality time taking care of Amber. She brushes her fur and massages her paws.

As I said before Amber and Surfer are the family dogs so it is only appropriate to include the whole family in the photos. I absolutely love this shot and the way it looks hanging as the biggest canvas with humans I ever produced.


M o r e   i n f o