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This is going to be a bit unusual post, because I decided to let Charlie to tell you about himself and do the captions to the photos.

I have photographed him in beautiful Steveston Village in Richmond, BC. Here is Charlie:

I am watching you!


  My name is Charlie Chan. Well actually it was my sisters who chose to name me Charlie. After they met me they decided that I seemed like a Charlie and that’s how I got my name. My parents had no say in it what so ever! Neither did I, but I like it especially when followed by treat!

Oh, yeah? Like you do not do stupid things for a treat? At least I look cute doing it!

I’m three years old. Everywhere I go however, everyone thinks that I’m a puppy. Hopefully being fed a raw diet keeps me forever young and jovial. I came from a black Frenchie birth mommy who was European and a cream colored Frenchie birth daddy who was American. People say that I got my dad’s good looks, but I honestly think I look even better than him because I am very fit and lean.

See that is my beautiful body, right off the ground!

 I’m a cream colored french bulldog. Many people look and me and think that I am white, but I’m not,I’m cream colored for goodness sakes! I also apparently have honey markings, whatever that means… My sister says I have permanent eyeliner as well, which makes it real convenient when I go on dates. I have a tail that looks like a cotton ball that just covers my rear end, which makes me a gentleman. I’m quite tiny for a french bulldog (only 15 inches in height!), but I’m super dense and buff so i weight 23 lbs. My ears stand up (genetically) and the tips of my ears tilt back a bit. I remember my sisters thinking that my ear was broken when it happened one day when I was a pup, but nope, they are not broken, they still work fine 🙂

See how great my profile looks like? And these unique ears.. I am a dream..

And here is my lovely “bunny” bum for your amusement

I have a massive head. It’s huge folks, you might even be able to see it from space if you look hard enough. I also have wrinkles on my forehead, which add character to my look rather than age. Also on my forehead is a big white stripe right between my eyes and to the top of my head. I think I was painted this way when I was in my birth mom’s belly, and people love it!

Was a right or was I right? I know you love me…

My face is quite flat, a profile pic of me is almost vertically straight from my eyes to my mouth, but beauty is subjective and everyone I’ve met loves my flat face! I’m a stunning stud, a real looker so you should be very excited to meet me!

Now, I get why they put me there! I am where I belong! On a pedestal! Or monument!

 My number one fav thing is to play ball. I unfortunately can’t play that much anymore after my vet told my family that fetching can cause a lot of injuries. I’ve tried to explain to the family that it’s fine, I’ll be careful and wear gear, but they’re not convinced. Too bad the vet wasn’t on my side…

They would not let me run after the ball during the session..I found the stick ha,ha!

 Next to ball playing, I love cuddling with my family. I like to sleep like a baby on my sister’s chest, and I need to be cuddled to sleep at night. (we did not do any sleeping photos..sorry) 

Cuddle me, cuddle me…

I’m a very good boy!!! I don’t bite on furniture, I don’t break my toys and I’m super friendly to humans and dogs. I like to hug the humans that I meet, because I want extra pets and extra love from everyone. I like to set boundaries with the dogs I meet however. For instance, some dogs sniff and sniff and sniff my genitals and don’t stop!! This really irritates me b/c i know my gems are gorgeous, but just a quick sniff keeps them precious and lets more go around.

This is a right spot for me, keeping a look out for all these misbehaving, butt sniffing guys!

I also don’t like to share toys with other dogs. This is not because I am spoiled, but my sisters dog sat two girl dogs who were extremely possessive and aggressive to me and my toys, that now, I fear that my toys are in danger and need to be protected from other dogs.

See how scary I can be? Just try me punk!

I love being off leash!! I’m not very good with recall because I get distracted very easily, but I think that’s my nature.

yeah busy, call again later..

I love food really, any food and I can say I love it all and it is all good for me, but my sisters said I am lying… I had an allergy test done when I was 10 months old and I’m allergic to a lot of things. Rice,barley, chicken, duck, kelp… my sisters say that I can only eat what they bring for me. Sometimes when I have other people’s snacks, I throw up afterwards. I think it’s all worth it, but my sisters disagree.

I am a man of many faces..


I think there is only one thing left to do find me an agent with these photos!!Now the whole world can get to know my beauty!


I bet I would look good on any runway baby!

M o r e   i n f o