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Here is a little story of Karma, mixed breed adopted by Jonelle ( soon to be my dog’s trainer…our class starts tomorrow…sorry Mischa!).

We met with the girls on a cloudy day in Burnaby, we managed to catch a few drops of rain but no problem.

Karma is just 1.5 years old and likes to play a lot, her and her adopted mom have been together since she was a little pup.

Those two have a great relationship, I was expecting maybe something different from a person who trains dogs for a living but I was happy to find out that she gets kisses all the time..:) Don’t they look great together?

Do not get fooled by Jonelle’s petite appearance, she can handle any dog! Check out her website Pawlished Dogs and give her some love on a Facebook. I am really excited to have Mischa go to the training which starts tomorrow at a beautiful new location for The Beloved Dog Doggy Daycare. I will be posting some photos from the the classes in July when we can show you some good results.

Karma is a great dog, but in my book they all are, regardless…well the crazy dog lady what you do! I had lots of fun watching these two interact and have some fun! Since this is my blog I get to post a photo of the dog sticking the tongue at her trainer..ha!

Of course with a beautiful dog I never forget of the close ups and portraits. I love how she changes color in the light or when she is wet. They thing she might be Blue Heeler and Lab cross maybe with some Pitt in the mix.

II know nobody come here to read, but to look at the photos, so I leave you to it! Thank you for checking in with me! And do not forget to like us on FaceBook.

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