Monthly Archives: March 2012

I have met Sydney and Keira and their mom Michelle 3 years ago, during one of the charity event when I was doing pet portraits. Then later on I used to see them in a doggy park every day, I chatted with their mom they played with my dog and others. When my phone rung just before Christmas and I have heard that our mutual friend wants to gift Michelle a session with me I was ecstatic! Michelle is one of these nice people that you just want around you, she loves these girls to pieces and they have a super sweet life with her. Another great thing these girls, unlike my little monster, are properly trained so it makes it more easier for photos of both of them together. We had a nice partly sunny afternoon on McDonald Beach to take some photos of Sydney (13 years young) and Keira (3).

I love how Sydney is smiling in this one!

Of course you can not keep the dog off the water on the beach..

At 13 Sydney not only can swim, run and fight over the stick, but also jump! Not bad for an old timer!

Keira would jump on anything her mom asks! Amazing!

And here is this smile again!

I love what I do! Thank you for sharing my passion with me, without an audience these photos would have been nothing.


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