Monthly Archives: December 2011

Last weekend I photographed 94 animals with Santa in 3.5 hours, here is what came out of it.

Being submerged in Christmas spirit and bored with my own Xmas photos I invited people to send me their own photos of Xmas can check it out on my FB page. You can send me your photo if you want the others to coo and ho ho over your dog. Whomever gets the most likes will win the session with me (sorry Metro Vancouver only 🙁 ).

So please go ahead check out the pooches on FB and submit your own creation.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka, Happy Kwanza, Wesolych Swiat!

UDPATE!! We have a winner for your Xmas contest! You can see all the entries here.

The winner is Paisley:

Congratulations! I cannot wait to photograph her!

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