Monthly Archives: October 2011

Funny how it goes on my blog… big dog , little dog..Well I love them all and photograph them all with a great pleasure. The sessions are always different and so are the photos.

Tiggy is a beautiful Pomeranian with a really nice haircut. She is sweet and loving. She is only 5 lbs!

To me she looks like a little Hedgehog, but her mom prefers “Teddy Bear” look>

She was such a  great poser too!

Yes I did! I did out her in the basket…It did not last long as she has her own agenda and will not comply with idiotic ideas of the photographer! I do not blame her! LOL

And here with her favorite toy Mr. Rabbit.

I just received a devastating news..Tiggy passed away suddenly. I am so sorry to heard that. I hope they have a little squeaking bunnies in doggy heaven. RIP little Teddy Bear, Hedgehog doggy. I am so sorry to see you go..

M o r e   i n f o