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Ok, so I am a dog photographer, right? Yeah! And a funny thing is that I still get super excited every time I go out to the beach with my clients and their “children”, but his one was a real treat! I This summer I had a rare pleasure in photographing Brio, who is a Neapolitan Mastiff, 18 months old, around 170 lbs and growing even bigger. He loves his owner and apparently does not like when some woman with a camera tries to wipe off his saliva…yeah I got a little warning grab by the hand…but I learn fast so it was quite ok.

This massive dog is a descendent of the ancient breed used by Roman Legions to run underneath the horses wearing harness with spikes and blades to cut through the enemy horses bellies. These dogs are fearless and very protective of their home, hence we needed to meet out in the open.

Photographing Neapolitan Mastiff is not as difficult as many other fast dogs, who sometimes lack focus. Mastiffs are highly intelligent, independent thinkers, but do not stare into their eyes because they will take it as a confrontation.

I just love this folded skin on his face, he looks so innocent and calm.

Brio’s human wanted to have some photos of them together, is is amazing how big this dog is, truly!

Look what the wide angle lens does to him… Completely different dog!

And now is all his glory… You can really see the brindle coloring in this photo.

Oh, well nothing better than a slobbery kiss to show your love! But do not be fooled these animals need a proper training and an experienced handler. It would be quite hard trying to dominate this big dog by overpowering him.

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