Monthly Archives: July 2011

aWhen I meet Audrey I could not help but say oh my gosh she is so tiny! She really is, her mom tells me she is a full size..but I really see her as a tea cup.

I am thinking  putting her in a nice purse..Paris Hilton Style! LOL

Audrey is an Apple Head Chihuahua, no I am not making this up or calling her names, that is the truth.

Audrey was named after Audrey Hepburn, she does have class I admit. She like some people and looks down on most dog which in her case (size) is a difficult task

I love how she looks like on this next photo…so cute!


After a cold morning session, we headed home to take a  few more pic. and try to capture that “elvis” lip of hers lol.

I have to admit that it has been a while since this session and I have not been in touch with her mom, but I am hoping Audrey is doing well. She had some kind of tumor in her head when we last spoke, but she was doing really well.

Best wishes!

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