Monthly Archives: June 2011

I think I can safely assume that if you read this you love dogs and if you love dogs you most likely like puppies..right? I do too! And I especially love when I get to watch them grow and I get to document it too!

Mae’s parents hired me 3 times this year so far  to photograph their precious puppy and we have one more coming up! The First was solo on location, the second with brothers and sisters ( I just realized I never posted it on the blog!) and this one in a beautiful home retro style!

Here is a bit grown up Mae!


It was just amazing to walk into Mae’s home and realize that everything there is color matching the dog…

I will say it right here I am absolutely again hunting and I could never kill any furry creature, but that zebra skin was just amazing…

Here it is the proof that I have challenges with the straight camera angles, I usually straighten the photos, but in this case I wanted to keep it composed as it it.

Mae is still very active and does not like to stay in one place. She is such a sweet dog and I know she is just going to get better. Her parents are putting a lot of effort into her development and training. I cannot wait to see her again, I am picturing hide and seek between the falling leaves!

And more more from the sunny spring day…

Now I feel bad that I did not post any photos from the session with 6 pups so here… the one on the low left is of the mom and dad.


M o r e   i n f o