Monthly Archives: April 2011

It been a few weeks now since we lost April, I could not have done this post earlier and even now it is still pretty hard. April belonged to the family, she was my mother’s in law dog…as I write this I am thinking it would be unjust to describe her as such (dog). She was a friend, companion, family member.

She was a Jack Russel, who knew what she wanted and when. She would bark at her mom to turn the TV on and then jump right at it when she saw a bird. She did not like human feet and if you moved too fast underneath the table she would have let you know.

She was the first dog my son learned to love. She was around when he was born and lasted until he turned six. I know he will never forget her. I just regret not taking more photos of both of them together. Yes, me! I did not take enough photos! I should hire myself sometimes!

She was white on one side and the other was covered with a big black spot that sometimes looked like a heart (look at the last photo and maybe you can see it too).

April was the big sister to my little Mischa, the first dog she met in her new pack. I know Mischa is still looking for April..I do not know what she thinks.

April was 10 years old when she passed, she died in April right around her 10 b-day. She was quite sick in the end, but still held her own.

This was her favorite beach, she liked to chase the waves and run around in the sand. Or just sit and stare at the world. I miss her dearly, we all do. No one as much as her mom.

April had a great life, she was unique. Who else has a dog that waits precisely till 7 pm to have her cookie? That was April! I know she would have loved to stay up last night with her mom and watch the Royal Wedding. I know she was greatly missed then.

Run along April, you are not in pain anymore you can run free now. Be happy! Thank you for all the joy you brought to our lives, even when you were annoying at times and barked bit too much we still loved you. RIP

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