Monthly Archives: February 2011

It is so nice when an old friend looks you up and wants to hang out…but it is even nicer when they actually hire you to do work for them.. My friend from old corporate times and his girlfriend rescued a dog from a shelter in California and hire me to do the photos for them. Mila is 7 months old, bundle of energy and curiosity. She is quite shy, which is quite noticeable in the photos, but hey it is my job to show your dogs true personality..

Staying close to daddy’s legs makes her feels cute! Mila lives in Coal Harbor which is a beautiful setting for dog photography. I thought that I prefer photographing dogs running wild on the beach, but I have to say that I have grown to love the urban setting.

This image is one of my favorites from this session, everything seems so still and tranquil yet the dog is running..

Mila reminds me a bit f Mischa, they both take their treats very gently and both like to terrorize the children but running round them barking..we just can hope they will grow out of it.

Mila never slows down, but after coming home is nice to relax…

M o r e   i n f o