Monthly Archives: January 2011

OK, so we all loooooooooooove puppies! But I absolutely love when people decide to book for a puppy package, that means puppy times 3 in one year! I get to document it! Yay! Love these!

You got to believe me that photographing a bundle of fur with no eyes ( yes they were buried in the hair!) and moving at the speed of a scared rabbit is quite challenging..But I do love to defy all odds and go for it ! I say to myself it can only get better while I am chasing little Mae, who already is quite a character, around New Westminster Quay.

Mae’s father is a Black Havanese named Castro and her mom is a  White Shitzu named Whelen, Mae is a mix of both with an attitude. She loves people and kids in particular. We were constantly interrupted by the little people wanting to pet her and look at her and she loved it…I think we have a new start in the making!

Every pup find the shelter in daddy’s or mommy’s legs..that is so cute!

There is something about the dogs and the fire hydrants..

You can see the rain drops in this photo as the rain decided to spoil out fun…but no worries we will be seeing each other soon!

I was really impressed when the humans that belong to Mae told me she is house broken, so impressive! And it has been that way since she is 9 weeks! I must have been a bad took Mischa so much longer:(.

I can tell you a secret…a week after our shoot I met up with Mae again…and her 4 sister and one brother..coming soon..I am just so behind with my work right now..I really though that January was going to be slow!

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