Yearly Archives: 2010

6  years ago Eva and Lawrence saved Dude’s life by adopting him from SPCA..  Nobody wanted Duke (that was his name at the time) because he required medical attention for his eye condition and he was already 6-7 years old. Eva and Lawrence got him for $25! $25 dollars! Duke became their best friend. And he also became Dude..

He went with his pals everywhere, even had his own cross country ski pass for the mountains.

Two weeks ago on Friday Dude took his last trip. He was not alone Eva and Lawrence walked him over the rainbow bridge and said their final good byes. He will forever be in their hearts. I knew Dude only for  a couple of hours, I have met him the day prior to his departure, but I could tell he was a smart guy.

He could not walk anymore, his back legs gave out few weeks back..He would do a wheel barrel walk with Eva or Lawrence supporting his back end if he wanted to get somewhere.

When I came in the house, he wanted to get up, but he could not.. I thought he gave up…but  when we took him to the beach he could not contain his excitement. I was in his eyes, in his voice, he moved so quickly on his front legs that Lawrence had a hard time keeping up with his back.

Last time on the beach, in the ocean..the dog who loved to chase the waves had his last visit to the place he loved. He did not want to leave, he sat down and complained for a bit.

When we went back to the house Dude took his usual post, lying down on the sidewalk outside his house. He always did that and he would not move for the pedestrians, they stepped over him and that was just fine.

I I always find it very hard when faced with death of the animal, it seems just so unnatural that their life cycle is so much shorter that ours. We see them as pups, adults and in their old age and we always know that the time will come, but we are never prepared. Maybe I should not speak for everybody, just for me..I was 14 when my beloved dog died right on my lap..I was alone at home with her and now so many years later I tear up when I write this. I believe that she is influenced me for life..I never knew that the life without a dog could exist and I still don’t.. Forever in our hearts, all my pets live forever.

We are so lucky to have them.

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