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Ok, I promise I did leave her with her owner at the end of the session, but I seriously just wanted to grab her and run…She is so sweet and gorgeous, and she reminded of Mischa (my dog) when she was a pup nearly a year ago.

But here judge it for yourself..

Claire, Babette’s mom was great, she let me work with her puppy on my own pace and was there when I needed her.

After we spend sometime inside, we decided to take Babette to the Jericho beach, where the 10 weeks old puppy was quite a sensation. There was no way that anybody could pass by without admiring gorgeous Babette and she in return tried to eat their pants legs off . It was hilarious to watch. I took a lot of photos of this little character and I think they show her personality quite well. She is stubborn, smart, adventurous and brave and I could not believe she would carry the stick three times her size! Here is   a beach collage for your amusement.

It is hard to believe it is October in Vancouver looking at the blue sky above.. here is the  Fall proof..

And some with the pumpkins too..

Babette is really pooped on this last photo,  we just got back from the beach she was hungry and tried… but I did say there were cats didn’t I?

Yes beautiful Audrey and Penelope, both not really impressed with the pup who moved in and the photographer who is making strange noises, but eventually Penelope came down to see what we were doing..

I managed to get some shots…

I was ready to give up on Audrey, who run back up every time Claire brought her down, but then curiosity got into her and I followed with the camera..

It was so good for the soul to forget about the world hugging a little pup and hanging out with two beautiful cats and their nice mom.

Good times!

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