Monthly Archives: September 2010

When photographing dogs in their natural environment we sometimes forget to consider all the possibilities…like the  times when let the dog off leash and they just take

The truth is that neither Quinn or Keely cared much for being in the photos and avoided eye contact at all times. Normally that is not much of the challenge, we let the dogs roam freely and I put on my  70 -200mm lens and still get some great close ups without the dogs knowing. But this time I did not plan well and we did not have an option for safe off leash adventure.

the session started and ended with some cooperation from Quinn and Keely, but in between their mom have to do a bit of chasing ..

The truth is that I chose to photograph dogs because I love the challenge and I was not upset in any way by the lack of cooperation, I tried my best to get a few shots for their mom and keep the dogs happy and stress free. So Quinn and Keely I think you are wonderful and have an adventurous spirits!

Thank you Nancy for trusting me with your dogs! As always I  had fun!

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