Monthly Archives: September 2010

I was really excited when Jodi contacted me for a photo shoot! For her dog and her father’s dog both Aussies! Yay! I do love the dog that moves, swims and had all the colors! And between those two they got it covered. Initially the shoot (like many this time of the year!) was supposed to be a surprise for Rio’s dad, but he did not want to let his son out of his sight without knowing where he is going…oh well! The more the merrier! We met on the Richmond Dyke to do a short session to get a few portraits shot, but I could not resist the beauty of these creatures…

Murphy loves to talk and was not shy with me at all, when it comes to telling me how hes feels however posting for the camera it is a different story. He is 6 years old and very playful. Rio on the other side is 8 years old and a bit more mellow fellow, but he does not particularly like all the dogs around..oh, well I get it I feel like biting some people sometimes..don’t you?

Both dog spend time together every day, when Jodi goes to work Murphy goes to Daddy Daycare..what a life, oh wait they also have a house on one of the Islands and that is where the doggies spend their summers and holidays… Dogs life huh?

I have to say it over and over again, but in my job I meet the nicest people possible. I feels so good being appreciated and valued. I truly hoe that Jodi and her father will be happy with the outcome of their session. Thank you so much for trusting me with your precious babies!

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