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Sunday afternoon in Yaletown, what is the better place to meet than outdoor patio at Starbucks? I could not think of a better place since I found out the names of the dogs I was about to photograph…Cappucino, Espresso and Macchiato! LOL

The all and Havanese dogs, Cappy is 9, Espresso 5 and Machiato is nearly a year old.  They are pretty obedient and love their parents very much.

I have to say that they were my first canine clients that arrived to the session in the strollers.  I should have probably utilized on it and snap some shots, but I did not.

So we hang out in Yaletown for a bit and then hit the beach at the sunset.

Carolyn is their hot mama, as you can see. I love how her long dress looks..

Three brothers.. the puppy in the middle, how cute!

Since Cappucino (that is the spelling for this one!) is the oldest of the bunch and is mommy’s baby, Carolyn wanted me to capture some of this in the photos..

Since Carolyn and Vincent decided to go with my deluxe session we had enough time to change the location and travel to Spanish Bank to catch a spectacular sunset.

We tooks some more “family shots”.

When I photograph more than one dog at the time there is always one with more photos than the others, it just happens that way. I wanted to make sure that we get enough shots of our senior, Espresso was the one who was extremely successful in avoiding the camera..Macchiato was incredible at 11 months he sat patiently and let me work my magic.

Cappucino was quite patient and trusting as long as mommy was close by..

Since Espresso was not comfortable on the log, we snapped one with mommy (even though he  is daddy’s boy)

Another beautiful Vancouver day came to the end, it was super dark when we were packing!

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