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Now part two of Fabulous 5..

First part was all about he small guys, now we are meeting Ronan, Ruby and Frida.

All the  shepherds are rescue dogs, they were used as guards dog at three different grow ops. They were a dream to photograph, they stayed together most of the time and were able to follow the instructions pretty well.

They enjoyed the beach so much..

I was not impressed with the amount of algae on the beach, but it makes for interesting photos..

I just love watching the dogs run in a tall grass..

I have to say that I never worked with dogs that are so close to each other, when I was trying to do individual head shots they had to stick together..

Ruby was the most difficult subject for me, she moved around and like to stay super close with other dogs. It is weird how the second photo looks over sharpen and it is not at all, she is just wet. I actually went back to the raw file to make sure I did not accidentally sharpen it. I promise it is her wet fur.

Ronan solo

Frida solo

And ruby had to be a super star and wanted to get in every shot..

How do you transport 3 big dogs? In style and comfort..

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