Monthly Archives: May 2010

I met Shakira nearly year ago during the Paws for Cause SPCA walk, me and her mom chatted about scheduling the session and now here were are…

Shakira is about 6 years old Shepherd lab mix in beautiful white and tan colors. She was adopted from Richmond SPCA when she was about 1 year old and she has been leaving with Michelle ever since.

We met early in the morning on Iona Beach in Richmond, it was nice and quiet. Shakira really enjoyed herself running in the water and splashing around.

She tried to chase the birds and find things in the water. Shakira is a happy dog, she got name after shaking her behind with joy!

Michelle  mentioned she really liked the shot of two Shepherds running into the water from my portfolio and here is my attempt to make her happy.

(Pss! Michelle…there is more to come in the album!)

I think that is enough for the water shots, let’s try something different…

Having some fun with Lens baby, but trying to find the sweet spot on the moving dog.. well not easy

And now for something completely different again…wait! Is it the same dog??

Yes, it is Shakira! Comical!

That dog can smile! I miss her already! Thank you girls for the lovely morning. I promise more photos soon!

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