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I had a pleasure of meeting Brutus over the weekend he is a small mix, possibly of a Pug and a Brussels Griffon. Brutus is a beautiful name, however it is was made famous by backstabbing assassin. Our Brutus is a sweet little dog, who already had 5 homes in 5 years of his life. He found a forever place with Shelley and Jericho who love him very much. This shot was the very first shot taken that day, it barely every happens that the first snap makes the cut, but I think this one deserves to be shown.

Before we met Shelley explained to me that Brutus cannot be trusted off leash, so we chose the area far away from cars and other dangers, but majority of photos you will see here were taken with the leash attached..

Having a puppy myself I am still in awe when I see the dog that will sit and stay..usually the ones I photograph are the crazy, wondering types with no regards for obedience.

Brutus impressed me immensely, I have to say his mom painted quite unruly picture for me. But if you want to be a good dog photographer you find the ways to photograph all kinds of dogs.. Brutus was a super easy one! Just look at him, how sweet he looks!

I have to add that his coat is not only shinny, but also super soft to touch.

What a poser! However he is not one of these guys who likes to look at the camera..

Brutus is quite a runner and has quite a set of teeth on him too..

Brutus loves his parents too, you can see it in his eyes…focused on the parents!

Bye for now Brutus, have a nice summer maybe we will see you around the lake again!

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