Monthly Archives: April 2010

This is a very unusual post for this blog. My friend lost his best friend, Cody. Cody was a great dog, he was my very first model for Off Leash photography. Below are the photos from my first ever full dog session.

Cody brought love and happiness to Alec, his human. I love his gaze in the next photo as he looks with love at Alec.

I do not see Alec that often anymore, last time he stopped by was before Xmas and I did not even know that Cody was diagnosed with cancer on Dec 30, 2009.

Cody was not the most graceful dog, but was always ready for a run. I used take him for walks and I still have a pair of keys to Alec’s house from these days.

I have not seen Cody when he was sick, so I will always remember him the way he is in my photos.

We knew that Cody was a  Shepherd cross of some kind, but Alec wanted to know for sure and decided to check his DNA.

This is the result: Cody Level 1: Beagle; Level 4: Yorkshire Terrier; Level 5: Papillion. Did you get a good laugh? We did. I do not know if Alec send the sample again, obviously someone mixed up the samples..

This next photo was a part of my early portfolio, I still really like it. I got really lucky, here it is my first session and I make the dog howl…not quite.  It was Cody’s regular reaction to the noise made by passing Fire Truck. The cat is out of the bag.

I miss Cody a lot and I wish I had a chance to see him before his departure. I hope he is running freely and happily now without the pain forever.

Good dog, Cody!  Really good dog.

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