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Finally I have found some time to post some images of my puppy. All the clients’ stuff is finished, delivered or waiting for pick up. My year is officially over. I am glad I got to skip the “surprise sessions” in my blog and decided that I am not going to be posting these after Xmas. I am still planning on showing you some photos from December, but for now please meet my Mischa.

The first photo was taken the day she arrived in Vancouver at our place, she is not looking impressed and that is what happens every time I put the camera in her face, but soon I promise some happy photos!


When we got Mischa she was 9 weeks old and her ears were down, the very next day one stood up and the following morning the other one! I am so glad that I got some shots with that puppy ears!


Mischa was born on 21st of September, and when we got her she weighed 4lbs 6 ounces, this week we weighed her again and she doubled in size! I cannot believe it! Her mom was a Boston Terrier called Faith and the father was a French Bulldog named Diablo!


You saw the first snap of Mischa in Moto Post, Moto is her half brother.


She looks so innocent in photos, but believe me she never stops and is is hard to get an inside action shots. She still does not want to go outside and when she does the leash is her arch enemy. As soon as I put the leash on her she stops in her tracks and will not move. I tried harness, collars, training collars and treats she does not care.   Mischa is as stubborn as they get, oh well I wanted a dog with the character I sure got one now!

Too bad that Vancouver weather was not allowing us to take more photos outside, but soon she will be used more to the conditions and hopefully leash(it is her safety!)


I have to say there is no major damage caused by the pup, however the carpet in my office seems to be the potty. I am not sure is this is because this our cat’s room or the fact that I spend her most time or maybe visiting dogs..I hope she will grow out of it soon.



Here is Mischa’s modeling shot for RC pets jacket!


And here is the Funky Flower training collar.


It is Christmas season, here is Mischa at her first early Xmas dinner. Well behaved on daddy’s lap.


Blow is the photo I have used for my Christmas cards this year, Mischa was 11 weeks and she posed so well! There is hope for me!


Merry Christmas everyone! I still have a few posts to go up this year, but for now have a fantastic holiday!

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