Monthly Archives: December 2009

I know that Christmas is over, but after such a busy time of the year I have decided to take some time off and not to post for a while, but since I like documenting the events, especially those charity ones here is a few photos from the event.. In 6 hours I photographed 75 dogs, I have to say that is my record for now..

The event was held in a beautiful Art Knapp store in South Surrey,if you never been go and check it out it is just great!

IMG_4138t IMG_4175t

IMG_4193t IMG_4188t



IMG_4204t IMG_4238t

It was not a dog look a like contest, but look a this couple..I normally try to avoid placing people images on my site, but this one is just to interesting to miss..


I wanted to thank everyone that supported SPCA in Surrey and brought their animals in to be photographed. My hat off to Santa who spend two days holding the dogs on his lap, getting licked and slobbered all of over! Great job!

Also the big, big thank you goes out to my little helpers Julie and Debbie who worked hard to get the dogs attention.

As always the hardest job of all organizing the event and printing out the photos goes to the SPCA volunteers. The dogs say Woof! Woof!

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