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If was a long wait but finally I got my puppy, I wanted to share the story with you… After I photographed Sophie and Mila I came to the conclusion that Frenchton would be a perfect match for my energy and the apartment living. I hoped to get the pup from the same parents as Sophie and Mila, but was told that the parents were retired and fixed. Then I got an email from a nice lady named Jodanna looking for a mix like that, I responded wishing her luck in her search and asked to let me know if she finds one. The very next day I got an email back with the breeder information! Wow, that was fast! Jodanna lives in Kelowna, the dogs were in Calgary, me in Vancouver.. She got to see the pups as she was just in Alberta visiting¬† the family, within 24 hours I had the deposit down on Mischa. But here I wanted to introduce you to her brother Moto, he is so adorable!

Moto at 9 weeks is very mellow and his is the only puppy from the litter that was naturally born. He came to this world in a taxi cab, when his mom went into labor little too early and had to be taken in for the c-section.

He fell out of the cab right to the curb and if it was not for the driver he would have been left behind unnoticed. Lucky for him he was spotted and cared for immediately. This next photo is my favorite as it is so out of the character for this loving puppy..


Jodanna was absolutely fabulous to us and drove Mischa from Calgary to Kelowna with Moto, we picked her up from their house and that is when I had just a few minutes to take some snaps of their lovely pup.


Moto is so easy to photograph, unlike Mischa that does not stop at all…


I cannot believe how many puppies I got to photograph lately, it is quite a challenge, but so much fun!


I would like to express my gratitude to my new friends from Kelowna, Jodanna and Jeremy! Thank you guys so much for caring for our little girl!


I thought that ball was so great I had to get one for Mischa too, but she pays not attention to it..

And here is the pair together, they are two days apart as they have different moms. Moto’s mom is Hope, Mischa’s is Faith (both Boston Terriers and sisters) and the father (French Bulldog) is named Diablo!


These little guys are just 9 weeks now and there are still some puppies available in Calgary…tempting?

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!

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