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Hello, what a beautiful day today! Warm and sunny perfect day for Royal Humane Society Fundraiser at Playful Puppy Palace in New Westminster.

We had cookies and contests and prices and photographs, since I was only taking the photos here it goes…

Charlotte (128 of 1)

Above is Charlotte, who last year was dressed in a princess  (angel) outfit, today she was the red hat lady like her mom.

I have to say it was so greta to see the people from my neighborhood, hang out and take some photos. This year there was only a couple of dogs I have not met before. I get around I guess and now with Mischa (my new pup) arriving the end of November I will have more chances to run into everyone in doggy parks..

Murphy (128 of 1)

Murphy, the giant Schnauzer decided no to cooperate today…this was the best I could get out of her..but really what can you except with all the commotion and small space. No worries Murphy I will catch you next time!

Murphy (128 of 1)-2

Then two of my favorite 3 Rotties showed up dress as bad and good angel, so cute!

Jayden_porter (128 of 1)

Here is Jaden with Porter, Portuguese Water Dog dressed as a frog, I guess the outfit well suited for his water nature.

Railey (128 of 1)

Riley, even dressed as a pig did not lose his beautiful smile!

Butterscotch (128 of 1)

Butterscotch, last year a pretty witch this year a fairy..and his brother Max went for a devil to… elegant.

Max_collard (128 of 1)

Then we had Hermosa as a ballerina..

Hermosa (128 of 1)

And Fawnzie dressed as a Doberman..the luckiest dog today..

Fawnzie (128 of 1)

Then Mocha, the poodle ..

Mocha (128 of 1)

Kitty, won last year for the best costume dressed as a bee..this year  wearing the pirate attire.

Kitty (128 of 1)

Here is Poocho, a Chihuahua, he looks terrified in this photo, but believe me I did not hurt him!

Poocho (128 of 1)

ANd the next was Ruby,  Daschund Chihuahua mix dressed as an really..

Ruby (128 of 1)

Next was Max, same mix as above, that you also have met before dressed as Mickey Mouse..

Max_Doris (128 of 1)

The next dog Rhodie is a Corgi who pretended to be a lion…

Rhodie (128 of 1)

The winner of dog and owner costume combination was Jen (dressed as a Flower) and her Shih Tzu, Marcus  dressed as a bee..

Jen_MArcus (128 of 1)

Nicky was a great wizard…

NICHY (128 of 1)

Copper covered his beautiful Papillon ears under the devil costume..

COOPER (128 of 1)

Asia become Dr. Puggle

Asia (128 of 1)

And the last one of the day was Maggie..cute pug and cocker mix

maggie (128 of 1)

Big thank you for all the volunteers and Lisa Woo from Playful Puppy Place for organizing the event!

Big thank you to the doggies and their parents for supporting the Royal Humane Society and allowing me the pleasure of photographing their pooches!

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