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Met the sweetest pack that I know of! The dogs were photographed in their Vancouver home and garden, just a perfect location for pet photography. No disturbance, no noise.

I will be introducing them individually in a moment..


One afternoon with six dogs at the dream location! All of them friendly and loving, I got my daily doze of happiness interacting with them.

The first member of the pack is quite a senior dog Wiggly, she is 13 years old Terrier Cross. Wiggly got her name from her happy behavior, her whole body wiggles  when she greets you. She loves to cuddle and play.

IMG_0282t IMG_0351t

Then we meet Buffy Jean, named after the vampire slayer (I saw no resemblance as she is sweet and friendly!). She is 7 year old Jack Russel Cross of some sort. She loves to run, dig and hang out with her friends.

She also has the longest tongue I ever seen in person on the dog, judge for yourself..

IMG_0289t IMG_0354t

The next sweet member of the pack is Goldy May, who is a 7 year old Lab Beagle cross. She loves to eat and cuddle together with the rest of the pack.

IMG_0160t IMG_0285t

Then we have CoConut, who was not too crazy about me and my camera. She likes to bark and runs like the wind. Her name was supposed to be CoCo Chanel, but the nut art is much more appropriate.

She is 5 years old Dear Head Chihuahua.

IMG_0233t IMG_0312t

CoConut has a friend is super shy 4 year old Chihuahua and Italian Greyhound mix called Blue. She feels the best in mommy’s arms. Just like Coconut she was not impressed with the lens in her face..

IMG_0336 IMG_0342t

And last the biggest and the youngest dog, also a sweet girl Angelina! She is a Standard Smooth Collie, just one year old. She is super gentle and so loving, just a super dog!

IMG_0209t IMG_0220t

So now you know all of them! What a pleasure that was spending the afternoon in a beautiful garden with 6 great girls! Too bad they had enough of me just after a few hours, but it was a hot day (yes the end of September!) and the dogs had not much interest in running around. They have such a great life in the house designed for their comfort and pleasure. It is so heart warming that my clients love their dogs so much!

Thank you Pixie for introducing me to your family and beautiful home I am truly honored.

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