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Meet Rosie, the Weimaraner photographed in Lion’s Park in Port Coquitlam on a very sunny afternoon. Rosie is a first show dog that  I had a chance to take  pictures of in the Off Leash photo session.

Her full name is Silverisle’s Der Rosenkavalier. Sounds impressive and complicated so we stick with Rosie.  She comes from the breeder on Vancouver Island, SilverIsle. I did the first photo in back and white vintage, because I thought it adds more dignity and shows off the timeless beauty of this breed.


Rosie is two and a half and as expected she is very playful and active dog. I think the photo below shows her funny side, just look at that smile…


And then there is more serious side…


And a mix of both looks..


On our walk by the creek we came across the blue bridge..


Unlucky for me Rosie does not like water at all and even the fact that it was quite hot would not get her closer to the water than this…


And the end of our walk we decided to try to get Rosie to jump, but she had on interest in doing so..after a few hops she started coming at me like a bulldozer. Her mom says this is how she shows affection, so I guess she decided she liked me! I still managed to get a couple of in the air photos.. here is one..


And the end of the session Rosie was tried enough to give me some chances for close ups..


I would like to thank Victoria for giving Melissa (Rosie’s mom) the gift of Off Leash Pet Photography session. As always I had fun doing what I love and Melissa and Rosie worked hard with me in the process.

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