Monthly Archives: July 2009

Hot weather in Vancouver, we have record temperatures here. Bad for dogs especially the old fellows, Baron the Golden Retriever is no exception. The temperatures are pretty hard on him and being 16 years old is not making it easier.


Try to take a photo of the dog with his tongue inside his mouth at this temperatures.. hard to say at least. So Baron is not the only pet residing in the house, he has Agatka (Black cat) who have been with him most of his life and a new baby Brother Kiwi, who is a 3 months old Shitzu with very sharp teeth, oh yeah he chewed on me lol!


Baron has a lot of love to share with Kiwi and Agatka too, however she is not quite as friendly and Kiwi gets a spanked on regular basis. On the photo below posing nicely and then ready to launch..


But she can be easily forgiven with these “innocent” eyes..


oh, she means business.., but look at Kiwi how can somebody not love him?




Kiwi as a typical puppy he is very active and likes to play, anything that moves means an invitation to jump about, sniff and lick..

Baron is a mature guy, he is super friendly and affectionate.


I can see so much warmth in his eyes, and he really knows how to smile…


Agatka is a cat, so do not expect her to be too friendly to some woman with a camera in her face, the eyes say it all, but she is still a


I really love  photographing cats, I have to do it more often!


Not to self next time to photograph Shitzu or Lasa Apso bring a pair of scissors or a hair clip…I love to see the dog’s eyes and the hair just gets in the way!

Keep cool! My regards to Dr. Bendarz and the family for giving me the opportunity to work with your priceless animals.

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