Monthly Archives: June 2009


I am back from my extended trip and ready to roll again. I have tons of photos to process, I took the laptop with me, but I was not happy with a picture quality and waited for my Mac to process all my stuff. I really should start shooting in jpeg! Oh well, you live you learn and since I am the control freak I prefer RAW format.

The lady you will meet today was quite a challenge to photograph, she does not like the camera nor does she pay any attention to the commands or requests of any sorts. She thinks she owns the place and the humans are there to serve her. She was the first dog that tried to attack me right of the bat, but we worked it out and I managed to get a few shots.


Tori is 7 year old Shar Pei, but she thinks she is human. She does not like kids or other dogs and the only time she can be off leash in in her fenced yard.


Do not be fooled bu the photos, the only reason she is lying down is because she is tired of walking and I am using a long lens not to tick her off with my camera.


Tori, like lots of Shar Pei-s has a problem with eye infections unfortunately the day I photographed her was not exception. She kept her eyes away from the light most of the time and it was very hard to get her to look at me..


Tori does not fetch or play, she likes to walk around and growl at everything around. She gets scared easily and when the thunder storm comes around she keeps the whole household up with her crying all night.. seriously.


I think the last photo really gives out her attitude towards life. Too bad. Cheer up Tori life is too short! Enjoy it like the rest of us.. Everybody loves you no matter what and I think I know your secret..appart from ham slices you love your family too, but do not worry I will not tell them.


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