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Ladies first: Brooklyn, beautiful 2 year old German Shepherd who’ s mom is a bomb sniffing dog and dad is a movie star!

The gentleman California De Barriques, also known as a Big Cal is a two year old Belgian Shepherd (Malinois). Both dogs are amazingly obedient and smart, the treat bag never came out during the whole shoot.


We met at the Queensborough Landing¬† in New Westminster for my mini neighborhood session and since this is on leash area only, we first took the dogs to off leash “park” to burn out some energy..


Then the beach was in order..


Big Cal is one of the kind, the breed itself is rarely found in North America, but this one in not high strong, he can be gentle and loving. He is well trained and twice a week takes part in French Ring Sport. He is no a great swimmer yet my made his “mommy” proud by going in the water and doing few strokes on his own!




It is amazing how many different options for back grounds are in my own backyard.


Brooklyn is a sweet girl, she likes to keep Cal in line by nibbling on his heels. She is mommy girl!

I love these wooden walkways..


And the resting places with a river view..


I am so impressed with these dogs, I had Cal on the leash walking right next to my leg, no pulling forward just walking my speed gently.. It is so important with big dogs, especially working ones to have them listen to you.

Training is the best thing next to love that you can give to your animal. Both of you will be happier and relaxed.


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