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I have been so busy lately, my apologies for lack of the updates, but not all my work can be published on the blog.  I can share bits and pieces from this weekend’s shoot..

So, you looking for something fun to do with your dog? You want to teach him something new and useful and have fun while doing it. I am about to introduce you to tracking… where the dog uses his most powerful tool, his…


Yes you right, his nose!

In South Surrey, BC in Canine Harmony Academy Chanone Sanders, Certified Master Dog Trainer teaches owners and their dogs how to successfully track objects and people. The technique used by search and rescue, police dogs and border crossing dogs.


It does not matter if you dog is small or big, you just need enough stamina and determination to brave the elements (it was snowing a bit!) and patiently teach your dog new skills.


Did you noticed the lashes on this dog? Amazing!


I am not about to tell you all about it as I just took some photos to illustrate the article that will be written by an amazing lady in the summer issue.



Below, Chanone gives the instructions for the dog  and tries to point him in the direction of the smell. The object of the game is to get the dog to find the person, not using his eyes, but just sense of smell.

It could take a while, but all dogs eventually succeeded


And finding the person hiding felt really good for all involved.


As always hanging out with bunch of dogs and their moms and dads was a lot of fun! Just look at these brave people in rain and snow, not giving up!


Shooting during event like this poses some difficulties, the fact that you have to keep away not to mess up the scent it can have you tangled in a black berry bushes..ouch! My gear does not really like to get wet, so I am grateful to Tanya for running around with an umbrella trying to cover my camera. Thank you!

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