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Another rainy day in Vancouver, it seems like this winter is never going to end.  Even Lauer, 9 year old Golden Retriever, was cold during the shoot. We met at Spanish Bank in Vancouver for our dog photography session and  we made the best use we could of couple of hours’ break from the rain.

Lauer, named after Mat Lauer if you wondering,  is a very active dog, you would have never guessed the she is 9. She is in a great shape, regular walks with Walks n wags help a lot to keep her in a top notch condition.


Lauer and her mom worked so well with me. I should probably add that Lauer’s mom is a fantastic photographer herself. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the email from her stating that she wanted to hire me to take pictures of her beloved dog. I thought to myself why? Well, for the same reason I would hire a maternity photographer to take pictures of me if I was pregnant, we all do what we do best and I have gone to the dogs!


This toy did not last the whole session, but I liked it so much I wanted to sneak the picture in..

Also it took no time before Lauer was in the water..


Looks like fun, but pretty cold, even for a dog!


Lauer was shivering a bit when she came out of the water and her mom was thinking of taking her jacket off to warm her up, so sweet! But instead we send her running and jumping on the beach.

lauer_blog10 lauer_blog9 lauer_blog6

Oh, man she is a fast one! I was quite a challenge to time the photos right.


It is quite amazing how different she looks wet and dry..


As always, wonderful time.  What can I say I do have the best job in the world, for me anyway.. I get licked, pushed, dripped on, wet tail in the face and I love all of it. By the way if you ever decide to run backwards on the beach full of rocks you are going to have a very sore bum, trust me! I cannot even blame the dog, all me… not using my brain. The only explanation of this temporary insanity I can offer is the fact that I get into the zone when I photograph and I truly forget about humans around me, myself painfully included!

Spring please! Soon!

Another piece of news I am going to be away from mid May till end of June 2009.

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