Monthly Archives: November 2008

Well so I decided to expand a bit, not only dogs get my attention… Laya is an amazing talking cat..seriously! she talks and talks and talks.

The purpose of this session was to illustrate a heart warming story of Laya’s adoption and the impact she had on her mom. Her new mom wrote a beautiful story and I just had add some pretty pictures..

I could not help myself but take a photo of her delicate cat has even more fur in between the toes. That is so cute, but only be be seen in the indoor cats…

With Laya it is hard to imagine that she is not human, she definitely does not know it herself. She likes to have an opinion and her demands have to be met at once.

Dogs come when you call them, cats just take a message and get back to you or not…

I was holding off with posting this, but the book arrived on Friday and looked great. The owner and writer was happy, yeah!

So it runs out that photographing cats can be fun too, and it is nice warm, cozy. I do not have to scrub the mud off my face after the session. My lens does not get licked! Quite frankly there was no enthusiasm coming from Laya.. I kind of like that dog approach.

DOG  “woof, woof what are you doing??! Is it fun? woof, woof do your have treats?” Some dogs feel overly excited and I think that almost help my confidence. I think cat is all different story, more like “meow, why is it so bright here? When are you going to be finished? What is that annoying clicking noise? I am cannot follow me under the bed, can you?…”

Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends! I am very thankful myself to have you in my life.

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