Rubee Neo Mastiff


it has been nearly a year since I posted here. To be honest it is much easier to plunk one or two photos from the session on Facebook. It takes no time, no effort.

Keeping a blog requires discipline and time, and let’s be honest I do not have either one of them.  I meant to go back to blogging for a long time and now I think I can do this.

My last post in February 2013 was my way to say Good Bye to a good friend Pablo and after that I could not bring myself to write for a while.

Today I am introducing a new addition to Pablo’s family – Rubee.

She is a sweet 9 weeks old Neopolitan Mastiff, just like Pablo. It is hard to say how she will turn out, but I know her new parents and brother are going to love her a lot. With departure of every dog it feels like a part of our heart disappears, but then another dog give us a part of her heart and we feel complete again.

I hope Rubee can fill in the holes in Amie’s and George’s hearts. She is not a replacement but a joyful addition to this wonderful family. She brings love and teaches them new things. And she is so cute! Just have a look at a few pictures below.



blogRubee-Jan_2014-8357-pp blogRubee-Jan_2014-8355-pp blogRubee-Jan_2014-8380-pp blogRubee-Jan_2014-8373-pp blogRubee-Jan_2014-8364-pp


Rubee-log-jan Rubee-Jan_2014-8388-pp

  • January 29, 2014 - 6:41 pm

    George McNeill - Amazing as usual Angie. You are extremely talented. Thank you

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