Maddie the Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix on Iona Beach in Richmond

Iona Beach near the Richmond Airport (YVR) is one of my favorite places to photograph dogs. Last Sunday the weather was great as the clouds blocked out sun once in a while. In digital photography fun sun is not what you want, especially with a black dog with a white face. But enough about technicalities, here is Maddie!

Maddie is a goof, I am sure her parents agree with me on this one! She is a happy go lucky one year old Aussie Shepherd mixed with Border Collie. As you can imagine she is a bundle of energy  and does not get tired… ever! We tried!

She loves to run after the ball, dig up the holes and so on, just as any healthy puppy would do!

Her parents love to watch her play…

And sometimes at Off Leash Photography we actually leash the dogs…

Maddie has also very little patience and she can let you know when she wants something… THROW THE BALL NOW!!!

And when you finally throw the ball she runs after it with determination!

I love her different color eyes and the fact that she looks different on each photo, she is the same Maddie!

When her mom asked me to capture her different sides, I do not think she meant left and right.. Maddie has so many!

And she did set for a nano second…lol

And her mom (and dad too) loves her so so much…

 I hope Maddie’s parents will be happy with the result as her mom works with my vet and I need her on my side! Thank you for looking.

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